10 Tips to Master your Agario Skills (agar pro tips)

10 agar pro tipsLooking for pro agar tips to improve your agario skills? don’t look any further, the following tips will help you improve your agario skills along with your overall gameplay.


1 – Be cool

First of all, you should try to stay cool, “No matter what”, it’s pretty easy to miss your opportunity to split, and choke whenever you’re about to get an epic kill, even the agar pro’s mess up, staying cool is the trick to get the most out of your agario game.

2 – Analyze your train

where am i agario

knowing where you are and what’s going on around you is one of the most important things when it comes to trapping, and your own safety within agario, so try to make use of your train and remember your position, also try to remember the rough positions of your dangerous opponents, it’s definitely gonna help you with your pro agar.io skills.

3 – Look ahead

We all know that looking into the future isn’t quite possible, but preparing for what’s going to happen is a fantastic thing to do in agario, try to look at your opponent as if you are him, what would you do if you were in his position? Use this in your advantage.

4 – Make use of viruses

Getting comfortable with the use of viruses is essential for agar pro’s, it’s then also very important to stay cool in sketchy situations and know what you are doing, some great examples of advanced virus shooting skills can be found in this video by WUN WUN. (skip to 5.55 for pro agar.io skill)

5 – Be patient


Waiting for the right time to strike is the key to a successful agario game, try to be patient and only split for profitable skills that are worth your recombining time, don’t just split for small guys, take your time and go for the big fish if you can.

6 – Play aggressive

Although you need to be patient you still need to get your kills if you’re willing to become massive, the best way to grow quickly is to play aggressive, don’t be scared to split into more than 2 cells for profitable splits, but remember to keep your cells safe.

7 – Go for multi kills

agar pro multi kill


Going for multi kills is the best way to go when it comes to profitable agario splits, just wait for multiple cells to line up and strike at the right time to get the most profit from your splits, splitting yourself multiple times might be useful in some situations, but again… Be safe.

8 – Wall combining

Wall combining is an excellent way to quickly regroup your cells in sketchy situations, I however wouldn’t recommend using this too much, your total mass will drop dramatically when shooting mass, even though you’re shooting them to yourself it’s still gonna make your total mass drop.

9 – Don’t underestimate other players

fear me

You may think you are good at agario, but you’re definitely not the only agar pro around, it’s therefore important to not underestimate your opponents, even though you have the skills, your opponents may just be as skilled at agario as you are.

10 – Prepare for Long games

And finally you should prepare for the long agario games, a single game for can take up to multiple hours, especially if you’re an agar pro, now, what would you do if you were in an epic game and you suddenly need to use the bathroom, This may sound silly, but happened to me… you can prevent those situations by doing whatever you need to do before starting the game.