Agario Experimental Mode

expirimental mode agarioExperimental mode was added to agario on June 11th, 2015, the developers used to test new game mechanicsĀ within the main FFA gamemode, they later on made the decision to transferĀ the test subjects to a new gamemodeĀ called experimental, this gave the developers the opportunity to freely test new game mechanics within experimental mode instead of the other gamemodes, experimental mode is now quite similar to agario FFA, with just some extra add-ons and game experiments.

Experimental Mother cells

cell spawner experimental mode Mother cells are brownish colored and look like viruses, they are just a little bigger and can only be found in experimental mode, you can simplyĀ recognize mother cells by theirĀ size and the minicells that spawn around them, small cells will turn into confetti when floating true the mother cell, the same will happen to mass blobs and normal viruses when shooting them true the cell, the mother cell will then grow and spawn more minicells and shrink to its normal size over time.

Experimental viruses

Experimental viruses aren’tĀ mother cells, they are green and act the same as the regular viruses from the other agarioĀ gamemodes, the only thing that’s different about them is that you “can’t” duplicate them by shooting mass, shooting mass towards experimental virus will push then away instead of splitting, you can however still eat them just like the normal viruses from the other gamemodes.

agario Experimental modeAgario experimental mode setup

Here’s just a quick explanation on how to play agario on experimental mode.

  • Go to agar.ioĀ (Agario’s official website)
  • Select “experimental” in the gamemode drop-down box
  • Then click on “play as guest to start playing.

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