Agario FFA (Free For All)

agario free for allAgario FFA is the first lounged agario gamemode, and the most popular one, FFA stands for Free For All and it’s therefore meant for single players, teams however didn’t seem to understand this, they’ve truly been dominating the FFA servers as if they were meant to do so, this issue has finally been resolved due to the game changing anti teaming update, agario FFA is now truly Free For All.

The goal in agario FFA

The main objective in agario FFA is to grow your cell and to become the biggest cell in the lobby “without teaming”, This game mode is “not” about winning, it’s mostly having fun and breaking your own high scores / records, and of corse staying on top of leaderboard for as long as possible, you can also try to become the last one standing in the lobby, “this isn’t winning” it’s only possible when the server restarts.


Agario FFA setup

Here’s just a quick explanation on how to play agario in FFA mode.

  • Go to (Agario’s official website)
  • Click on play as guest (Make sure FFA is selected)

That’s all…

agario ffa mode setup

FFA is agario’s default game mode, and it’s therefore automatically gonna put you there if you didn’t select a deferent one, you can select a different game mode in the drop-down box in the middle of the agario home screen, this is shown in the image.

Also check the other agario game modes: Teams, Party, and Experimental.