Agario questions and answers (Q&A)

Here are some frequently asked agario questions and answers.

What is agario
– Agario is a very popular multiplayer browse-based browser game, the main objective of the agario is to grow your cell and to get yourself on the leaderboard, you can do this by eating the cells from other players while avoiding getting eaten by bigger ones,

How to play
– Go to, enter a nickname if you like, and choose a region near your location for the best game performance, then click on (play as guest) to start playing.

What are the controls for agario?
– Move your (Mouse) to control your cells
– Press (Spacebar) to split
– Press (W) To Shoot mass blobs
Check my agario controls guide for more controls.

How to play agario with friends?
– You can play agario with friends in party mode, Need help? This tutorial will help you to connect to the same lobby as your friends.

How to win in agario?
– There’s no real way to win, agario is more about breaking your own high scores and getting yourself on the leaderboard and staying there for as long as possible.



What are those green spiky cells?
– They are called viruses, you can safely hide under them when you’re smaller than the virus itself, bigger cells will get popped when floating true them, viruses are useful for many things, you can shoot them towards your opponents cells and you can even eat viruses.

How to shoot viruses?
– You can shoot viruses by shooting up to 7 (W) blobs towards it, the virus will then split and shoot itself towards the direction of your last mass blob.

How to eat viruses?
– There are 2 critical things you’ll need in order to be able to eat viruses in agario, (1) you need 16 cells (2) at least one cell that’s big enough to eat the viruses, I recommend you to only use this at a minimum combined mass of 600.

How to combine after splitting?
– Your cells will automatically combine whenever they are ready to get together, Small cells have a regroup cooldown time of about 30 seconds, this can take up to many minutes for bigger cells.

Is there a way to combine faster?
– Yes, There are several ways to combine faster in agario read my article about fast combining methods to learn more about this topic.


Game setup

how to add skins?
 Go to to look for the available skins and enter the name of the skin as your agario nickname, for example, if you want to play with the “Queen” skin you need to enter “queen” (Without quotes) as your agario nickname.

How to play agario in fullscreen mode?
– You can enter agario fullscreen mode by pressing FN + F11 at the same time, these fullscreen keys might be different for you.

Why is agario so laggy?
– There are many reasons why agario’s lagging, your internet connection might be one of them, just remember that it’s a browser-based minigame, changing to a different browser like internet explorer might reduce the lag on agario.

How to spectate in agario?
– Spectate mode is located on the right side of the home screen “under settings”, it’s an orange button with “spectate” on it.


Agario game modes

What is agario experimental mode?
– The agario developers used to test new things in FFA, they later on moved their experiments to a whole new gamemode which is now known as experimental mode the main thing that’s different about this gamemode is the way how the viruses work, the rest is pretty much the same.

What is agario party mode?
– Party mode is the gamemode that’s made for teams to be playing on, you can team up and play with friends within this gamemode.

What is agario teams mode
– Agario teams is a color VS color teamwork based gamemode, the lobby of each game is split into 3 teams, the objective of agario teams is to help your team and become the dominating color on the leaderboard.

What is agario FFA and where does it stand for?
– FFA is’s default gamemode it’s the most popular one and made for single players, FFA simply stands for Free For All.


Other questions

Is there an extension for
– You can go to and download their browser extension, this will give you lots of extra gamemodes and options to play with.

Can I play on the go?
You can download for free from google play store, but you still need an internet connection to be able to play.

Is there a mod for mobile agario?
Yes, there’s a mobile agario mod available on xmodgames, this mod is allowing you to maximize your zoom and use agario skins on mobile devices, a rooted device is needed in order to make this work.

More agario questions will be added over time, feel free to contact me if there’s anything I should be adding to this page.