Early game agario facts for small cells

Agario Early Game Red CellEarly game facts

Small cells are probably the most unpredictable things in the game of agario, they are small, extremely speedy, and sometimes very annoying.

This guide is gonna show you a number of useful tips and agario facts that’s gonna help you to standout at the early game of agario, this will most definitely come in handy whenever you’re a small cell yourself.

Starting mass

10 massWhen starting a new game you’ll have a total starting mass of 10, this is the least gettable mass within agario, the only way to grow at this point is by eating microcells which are randomly scattered throughout the map.



Firing (W) blobs can be useful for a number of things like filling up green spikes to fire at big guys, helping a friend, bait, etc, here are some early game agario facts that will help you fire the right amount of blobs at the right time.

  • you can fire your first (W) blob at 35 mass.
  • you need at least 54 mass to fire 2 blobs.
  • you need at least 72 mass to fire 3 blobs.
  • You can only eat (W) blobs if you have a mass of 19 or up.


Agario Early game cell splitting facts

agario early split blue cells in agario
Early split

Splitting yourself in agario’s early game is a good thing to do if you’re willing to gain more micro cells both faster and efficient, splitting isn’t only gonna make you move faster, it’s also gonna make you cover more space while moving efficiently at the same time, here are some interesting agario facts for early game cell splitting

  • Splitting yourself in 2 is possible at a mass of 35 or more.
  • Splitting yourself into 4 cells is possible at a minimum mass of 72,
  • Splitting into 3 cells is only possible if you split into 2 cells, and grow one of your cells up to at least 35 mass, then you can split again.

Quick tip – The amount of mass within the cells is always equally balanced at the moment of your split.

Tips for speedy cells

Small cells are extremely quick compared to big cells, you can slow your speedy cells down by moving your mouse closer to your cells, this will make them move slower, and even stop if you hold your mouse in the middle of your cells, using this will give you more control over your cells and overall a smoother game.

Quick tip – you can quickly split yourself and float away from you’re bigger and slower opponent’s.


bigger then the agario spikes
Bigger then the spikes

Viruses (green spikes)

It’s safe to hide under s viruses when you’re smaller than the virus itself, even when you’re slightly bigger you can float over them without popping your cell.

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