Annoyed by teams in agario? Try lobby switching

agario teams 250 header imgAnnoyed by teams in agario FFA mode? don’t worry you’re not the only one; ) I’m about to show you a quick trick that’s gonna help you to switch lobbies, and to keep your distance from teams in agario.

Lobby switching

lobby switching will help you to quickly switch from one lobby (server) to another, you can use this to locate a lobby with fewer teams on the leaderboard. Lobby Switching is truly as simple as opening a new agario window, you can do this by clicking on one of these links, or open a new browser window…

  • 1  Open a new browser window
  • 2 – Type in the URL box
  • 3 – Press enter

That’s all there’s to it, changing lobby’s in is dead simple. This will not always work at your first attempt, just give it a few tries and you’ll see random lobbies with different names on the leaderboard.

lobby spectating

agario lobby spectating
Agario lobby spectating

Lobby spectating is another thing that’s gonna help you to keep your distance from teams in agario (FFA) you can quickly spectate a lobby to see whether there are teams or not, a spectator will automatically be teleported to the number 1 cell on the leaderboard and that’s probably also where the massive teams will be, You can spectate a lobby by going to > settings > spectate.

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