3 Ways to play agario in hardcore mode

1 – Singleplayer party mode

If you’re looking for an ultra hardcore agario experience you should try playing agario on party mode by yourself, party mode is made for teams, also friends and groups of people come together to team up and battle against other teams.

Your challenge is to knock the teams from the leaderboard as a singleplayer, yes just you by yourself no teaming and no help from friends, this isn’t just hard, it’s extremely hard and in my opinion the nearest you can come to ultra hardcore agario.

2 – petridish.pw hardcore agario

If you’re looking for an exciting way to play agario hardcore mode you should try to play it on petridish.pw.

Petridish.pw is probably the best alternative for agario, its fun to play and the game mechanics / overall look is exactly the same as the agar.io that we’re used to play on, petridish.pw has 14+ exciting gamemodes available and also 2 types of hardcore agario gamemodes, Petrididish.pw hardcore became very popular in France when the youtuber SQUEEZIE made a video on it.

Petrididish.pw isn’t agar.io, but this doesn’t change the fact that it’s extremely fun to play, and you should definitely give it a try if you’re willing to play agario hardcore mode with an exciting twist.

3 – Agariomods hardcore FFA

Another alternative is to download Agariomods and play agar.io hardcore from there.

Agariomods is a mod pack for agario, it has lots of useful features and gives you the ability to choose from a variety of gamemodes like hide and seek, and hardcore (FFA) hardcore FFA is basically the same as normal agario with some tweaks in mass drop when splitting and eating cells, this makes extremely difficult to become massive.

Is agario still too easy for you? You can always play without names or even without colors for an extra in-game handicap.