agario you didn't know purple cell
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Looking for some awesome agario facts? well, you’re on the right track, I’m about to show you some interesting things that you hopefully didn’t know about, I recently discovered 2 of them myself and didn’t know what happened at first.

The first one on the list was quite a surprise for me, it turned my tiny 174 mass cell into a massive 1700 cell “instantly” without me even knowing what happened.


here they are… 5 Things you didn’t know about agario based on cells and viruses…


#1 – You can pop dead cells and create an epic circle explosion

Everyone knows how disappointing it is to get disconnected from the internet while being in an epic game right? well, when this happens in agario you’ll automatically be removed from the leaderboard and be considered as a dead cell, a dead cell is a non-moving cell and can be eaten by anyone bigger than the cell itself.

Now the epic part… you can pop dead cell’s by shooting a virus towards it, the cell will then explode into a giant ring of hundred’s maybe even thousand’s of minicells, here is an image of how that looks…

Agario FTR noobloger pop
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This (FTR) guy was at the first place on the leaderboard and suddenly left the game, someone popped him using a virus which made this epic explosion, this explosion turned my tiny 174 mass cell into a massive 1700+ cell instantly.

#2 – The maximum mass for a single cell is 22500

Yes there’s a maximum cell size in agario and it’s marked at 22500, going over this number will get you split in 2 both instantly and automatically, and you’re not gonna be combining whenever you’re above this number, your cells will only combine when you drop to a combined 22500 mass, this maximum mass split is clearly shown in this video…


#3 – There’s a 50% chance for cells to spawn on objects

You’re probably thinking that cells randomly spawn around the map, well, there’s actually a 50% chance for them to spawn on ejected W blobs, newly spawned sells are too small to eat blobs so they don’t earn any mass from them, however the blobs will still disrepair.

#4 – You can eat viruses

agario eating viruses after split
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You need 2 things to be able to eat viruses, 16 cells and at least one cell that’s big enough to eat the viruses, around 600 -700 should be enough to eat them. eating viruses is ONLY possible when you’re splitted into 16 cells, this is also the maximum amount of gettable cells in agario.

Virus eating is great way to make space for your massive cells, your friend’s cells, or to quickly grow your own cell in the mid-early game of agario, click on the following link to learn more about eating viruses.

5# – blobs and viruses bounce back from walls

Edges and corners are considered as solid walls, this allows you to shoot objects like (W blobs) and viruses against them and bounce them towards the direction of your aim, this works fine for both excremental and FFA viruses.

You can also use edges and corners to shoot W blobs to yourself and grow one of your cells whenever it’s necessary, teams use the same tactic to combine with theater friends, they use their friends instead of the walls:P

I hope you enjoyed these agario facts, if you did you should also chack out my other pages, oh and Don’t forget to share:D