goodbye teamers agario update
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Teams have absolutely been dominating the agario leaderboards over the past few months, everyone has therefore been waiting for the game-changing “anti teaming update” for agario, this update is finally here and it’s the long wait well worth it, and it’s definitely going to change your gameplay.

This update is created to reduce the amount of teams in agario FFA and experimental mode, you can however still play agario with your friends and team up in party mode.

Teams have “not” been removed, they’ve just been handicapped to make agario fair and fun for everyone, here are my first impressions about this new agario update.

Update impressions / First attempts

I heard about the new anti teaming update on Reddit “this morning” and started my first attempt without any test rounds or knowledge about the update itself, The first thing that grabbed my eye was the number of unnamed cells on the leaderboard, everything also looked pretty normal.

My main goal was to become number #1 in the least amount of respawns, this only took me 1 attempt and 5 minutes to get there, and I managed to stay there for about 30 minutes without dropping from my first position, I also broke my personal “no teaming” high score during this attempt.

Agario no teams update first attempt
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At first I thought it was some sort of beginners luck or just an easy lobby, so I started my second attempt in a different lobby, guess what, again #1 spot in just over 5 minutes, becoming number #1 in agario has in my opinion never been easier. be aware, teams aren’t removed from the game, I’ve actually stumbled upon several during these attempts and got in fact killed by one during the first.

Just a quick update note – Agario has truly become easier and more fun due to the anti teaming update, it’s however not as easy to becoming number #1 as it first seemed to me, it’s in fact quite challenging and takes me nowadays several attempts to get there. (My first “new update attempts” were in fact just lucky)

Things I’ve noticed

I randomly spectated several lobbies, to see the game changes and how it’s affecting the overall gameplay, listed below…

lobby spectating agario
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Agario lobby spectating

Here are some things that I’ve noticed about the update…

  • The biggest cell of each lobby is now on average about 3000 – 6000 mass, this is just a small amount compared to the cells before the update.
  • Shooting blobs of mass to your teammate is an extreme waste of mass, about 50% of the ejected mass will disappear.
  • Splitting into more than 2 cells is less risky than before.
  • I’ve also notist an increase of small / medium players (Not sure, might just be me)
  • Getting yourself on the leaderboard is easier.
  • And finally an extreme decrease in teams. (Makes me happy:D)

Conclusion: The update is a complete success, Agario is more fun, and fair for everyone.