agario controls
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The controls for agario are pretty easy to use right? Well, do you know all them? you’ll soon know the answer to this, and many other questions, I’m about to show you the complete list of controls and shortcuts for agario, I’m also gonna reveal the new added agario lifehack, do you know what (Q) does? well, you’re about to find out.

All agario controls are listed below,
you can either scroll down or click the link for an in-depth explanation.


Basic agario controls

Extra agario controls

  • Use (Escape) to go to the agario settings / menu.
  • Use (Scroll) on your mouse to zoom in / out.
  • Press (FN + F11) to play agario in full-screen mode. (This might be different for your PC)

New added agario controls

  • Press (Q) in spectate mode to freely move around.


Agario controls explained in depth

The upcoming controls are the same as the previously shown ones, just more explained for a better understanding of their use.


(Mouse) Moving your cell

Use your mouse to control your cells and guide them wherever you want them to go, you can hold your mouse closer to your cells to slow them down, and hold it in the center to stop them from moving.


(W) mass shooting

You can shoot small blobs of mass by pressing the (W) key on your keyboard, this can be useful for a number of things like virus shooting, growing the cells from another players, edge combining, bait, or a sign of truce.


(Space) Cell splitting

The Spacebar allows you to split yourself into 2 equally sized cells, one of your cells will just stay at its current position while the other shoots itself towards your mouse aim, you can split yourself into a maximum of 16 cells, splitting is mostly used for split killing, but can also be used for virus eating, split running, trapping etc.


(Scroll) Zoom in / out

You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in / out on your cells, this seems useless, but might just come in handy, I usually use it to make screenshots for AgarioZone, but truly recommend you to keep it scrolled out for the maximum gameplay visibility.


(Escape) Settings / menu

The Escape key allows you to change the agario settings without leaving your game, just press escape and quickly change the settings to your likings, then click (play as guest) to continue your game, can’t be easier right? just be safe, and don’t get killed while changing your settings.


(FN + F11) Fullscreen mode

You can play agario in full-screen mode by pressing FN + F11 at the same time, although this might be different for your PC, just try it, or do some online research to find out, I guess it shouldn’t be hard, anyhow fullscreen works perfectly for agario, but can also be used in lots of other places and games, you can simply exit the fullscreen mode by Pressing Escape (Esc).


(Q) Freely spectating

Pressing Q in spectate mode allows you to freely move around Using your mouse, This new feature has recently been added to agario, and it’s only usable in (spectate mode), pressing Q again will set your spectate view to the biggest cell, just as it normally would.


Hope this helped, did I miss anything? please let me know.

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