agario fix the lag
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Can’t play agario because of lag problems? don’t worry, you are not alone, there are in fact lots of people with the exact same lag issues at this particular moment, that’s why here, I’m about to show you some awesome tips to fix your agario lag, and boost your game to its maximum performance.

Here we go… 
10 tips to Reduce lag on agario…

#1 – Choose a server near your location

Agario has 8 different server locations available at this moment, playing on a server near you will increase your ping, and decrease the lag.

agario select a region
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Here are the true agario server locations…

  • US West: California (USA)
  • US East: Atlanta (USA)
  • South America: Atlanta (USA)
  • Europe: London (UK)
  • Russia: London (UK)
  • Turkey: London (UK)
  • East Asia: Singapore
  • China: Singapore
  • Oceania: Singapore

#02 – Optimize your agario settings

agario settings lag tip
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Go to your agario settings and Turn “skins” off, Yea I know right, we all love agario skins, trust me, turning them off will make your game run smoother.

You can also try to play without names, this may also help to decrease lag.

#03 – Close your browser tabs

Every opened browser tab takes a little of the internet’s memory away, closing them will lower your agario lag.

#04 – Turn your browser extensions / Add-ons off

The use of browser extensions decreases your internet’s speed, turning them off will increase your agario game performance and fix your lag problems.

  • Here’s one way to disable browser extensions in google chrome…

Click the menu icon “≡” at the top right of the browser window, choose “Tools” and click on  “Extensions”, this will open a tab with your installed chrome extensions, you can uncheck them to increase your agario performance, and turn them back on whenever you need them.

You should also consider disabling your agario mods if you’re using any.

#05 –  Play agario in a different browser

agario lag fix internet explorer
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Try to play agario in a different internet browser like internet explorer, it can simply be the fix to all your lag problems, I personally prefer to use google chrome, however internet explorer is way better when it comes to browser games like agario, this tip solved all my agario lag problems, internet explorer is now my standard browser when it comes to agario. (It’s truly a golden lag fix)

#06 – Restart / Refresh your internet

Restarting your internet is one of the things that can help to increase your internet speed, it’s a small tip but might come in handy.

#07 – Disable WiFi on other devices

You’re probably not the only one that’s using WiFi on your network, disabling the WiFi of mobile devices and PC’s will definitely increase your network speed and lower the agario lag.

#08 – Turn all streaming applications off

Turn off all streaming applications like twitch, youtube, skype etc, just anything that might be using internet should be turned off, streaming applications / software are using a lot of Your internet’s memory capacity, turning them off will give you the best game performance and the least amount of lag.

#09 – Play agario in incognito mode

incognito mode lag fix
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Your browser is made to save all sorts of information like cookies and history directly on your browser, however, Incognito mode does not, using incognito mode may increase your browser speed and reduce the lag on agario by a little, everything counts right?

Incognito mode setup for google chrome…

  • In the top-right corner of the browser window, click on the Chrome menu 
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  • Select New Incognito Window.
  • A new window will open with the incognito icon
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#10 – Move closer to the internet source

Maybe you’re just too far from your WiFi source, try moving closer, it will definitely give you more internet speed, and it might just be the fix for your agario lag problems.

#10 – Clean up your PC

Maybe it is not your internet connection hindering your in-game performance, but your PC…

Try to remove unnecessary files from your PC… In general everyday use, a PC backup lots of unwanted and potentially dangers items, such as unnecessary files, data, browser cache and computer viruses. Removing your PC’s trash will indefinitely speed up your PC’s performance.

Cleanmypc is a great tool to remove unwanted files form your PC, I would highly recommend it to anyone! Try it for free!

#10.5 –  Still getting lag problems?

If you are still experiencing lag in, than you might want to consider to get better internet, or try some sort of internet speed hack, I didn’t try it, and don’t know if it truly works, anyhow it’s worth a try right?