miniclip agario update
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The new agario PC update is allowing you to login to agario using facebook just like before, doing this will now not only give you the 35% extra starting mass, but you can now also earn XP and coins for playing, each XP level that you earn will give you 50 agario coins, these coins can be used to purchase power-ups and exclusive agario skins within the new shop.

Lots of android games have been using similar coin / gems shop systems to boost gameplay progress, they’ve now apparently moved on to PC games like agario, NO WORRIES, you’ll still be able to play agario just like before and 100% for free without cooldowns or anything.

Agario update reactions

Lots of people have been complaining about this update, especially Reddit is crazy about it: RIP AGARIO PC, Give us your money agario update, and Moneyclip ruined the game! is also very popular right now:P, I however completely “disagree” with these reactions, and think that it’s an improvement for the game.

Miniclip update on reddit
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Agario Update Reddit Reactions

Agario is still free to play and will probably always stay free, the only thing that people might be disliking is the option to buy coins with real money, it’s however completely optional, they give you no in-game advantages other than skins, buying coins will just save you some time, but again, it’s completely optional and you can just earn these coins for free by playing.

Is it worth it to purchase agario coins?

You can currently only buy skins and powerboost in the agario shop, the powerboost will just increase your XP and starting mass for a certain amount of time when purchased, buying coins with real money is in my opinion a waste of money, unless you want to get these exclusive agario skins instantly without earning them.

What’s new in this Agario Update…

Login to play and get box: on the left side of the screen you’ll see a box with information of what you’ll get access to when logging in.

Agario version details: Click on settings to see the what agario version you’re playing on and when it was last updated, eg (Nov 7 2015 14:41:03 –

Agario coins / XP shop mechanism and Lots of extra agario skins which you can earn by playing.

The main game mechanics are as far as I know exactly the same as before, please let me know if I’m wrong about this.