Do you feel like everyone is targeting you? and there’s no way for you to get on top of the leaderboard, well, this guide is going to show you how to take advantage of your agario nickname to get smoothly on the leaderboard without getting extremely targeted by pretty much everyone.

let’s get started…

Asking for help

HELP ME GET BIG nickname in
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It’s quite shocking how many people will actually team with you whenever you’re using nicknames like “TEAM” or “HELP ME GET BIG” you’ll see that a fair amount of people will spam (W) blobs to you and help you get bigger and team with you, this is more effective when you’re big, in fact, the bigger you are the more people will help you.

Team with the leaderboard

Is your leaderboard is loaded with the same name over and over again? yeah, that’s because those people are teaming, and the chance that you’ll be there with them is quite small, so why don’t you take a name which is related to their names.


agario leaderboard AG's everywhere
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Take the image on your above as an example, the leaderboard is loaded with AG’s, in this case you can take a nickname like “AG TEAM” or just “AG” this will most likely make them think you’re one of them, and the chance of them eating you will be fairly small, especially if you’re giving blobs each other as a sign of teaming, this is a great way to team with the guys on the leaderboard.

The power of an unnamed cell

Playing as an unnamed cell has its advantage in many ways.

  • You don’t have to worry about choosing a name for your character,
  • They are less targeted than named cells,
  • Small unnamed cells look like blobs. (maybe not an advantage, but it’s quite funny)

Another thing which is pretty powerful about the unnamed cell is that it doesn’t have any power within its name, whenever I’m seeing one on the leaderboard I’m like, oh just another unnamed cell… don’t underestimate the power of an unnamed cell.

Small unnamed cells and blobs.

small unnamed cell and a blob
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Small unnamed cells look exactly the same as (W) blobs, you can’t even see the difference between them, This is making quite some funny and sometimes even confusing moments, especially when an unnamed cell splits from far away right onto your screen, you’re trying its grab it and it starts floating away…

Don’t use Intimidating names

I’ve noticed that intimidating nicknames like, “I’M A PRO” and “YOU SUCK” are way harder to get to on the leaderboard compared to friendly or Random names, this is pretty self-explaining, people don’t like these names to get big, and most certainly they don’t want them to go on the leaderboard, intimidating names are also highly recognisable and more visible, this makes the chance for them to get big a lot smaller. skins

Also, agario skins play a big role in the game, especially when you’re using an eye-catching or a funny skin, you’ll see that big mass cells are most likely going to target you, and that small cells will help you get bigger, it’s funny how only your skin can change your gameplay.