Agario party mode
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Agario party mode allows you to play agario with your friends in the same map, this is actuality the only gamemode that’s truly meant for teams to be playing on, you can therefore freely team-up and battle against lots of other teams all over the world, you no longer have to refresh your browser to find the same names on leaderboard, nor to use the agario browser extension, these methods are all outdated, you can now simply play agario with your friends on party mode.


What makes party mode so party?

It’s just called party due to its multiplayer / teaming aspect, the only thing that’s making this gamemode so party is the ability to play agario with multiple friends within the same map, this is actually quite awesome and lots of fun.

agario party mode cell
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Party mode is also known as agario hardcore due to the crazy amount of teams in this gamemode, so if you’re looking for a challenge you should try to play agario on your own in party mode.


Agario party mode Setup

Here’s just a quick tutorial on how to play agario in party mode with your friends.

  • Go to (Agario’s official website)
  • Select “party” in the gamemode drop-down box

You can now choose to either create a party or to join one.

  • Click on “Create” to create a party, this will give you a code, Give this code to your friends and let them “join” your party
  • Click on “Join” to join the party from your friend, (Your friend should have given you a code, place the code there and click again on join)

Then click on “play as guest to start playing.

That’s all… need more help? Click here for a more in-depth explanation about the party setup, also check the other agario game modes: FFA, Teams, and Experimental.