Agario speedy rainbow mode
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What is agario rainbow mode? agario rainbow mode is an awesome agario gamemode where everything is consistently flashing and changing into random colors, there are 2 types of rainbow servers, there is one that’s just changing colors, but further pretty much the same as the normal, and the other one has a different mass values for micro cells, meaning that everything is bigger in these servers.

A different mass value is making everything bigger, it’s then also quicker to grow your cell, making it more fun for the agario players that don’t have the patience or time for long games, the only downside to agario rainbow mode is that it’s currently only available on private servers, and not on

Here’s a quick 22-second video showing how this gamemode looks while playing.

Where to play agario rainbow mode

There are lots of private agario servers on the web, some are better than others, but only a few have the option to play rainbow agario, here are some servers that I prefer to play it on,,, and, you can also find your own by searching for something like “agario rainbow mode” in your browser.

How to play

Agario rainbow mode is really simple, just gain mass by eating microcells and other players smaller than you, this gamemode doesn’t need any further explanation since it’s already self-explaining from itself, especially if you already know how to play

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