10 useful agario strategies and tips
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Want to get better at agario and survive longer? well, I’m about to help you to do that, here are 10 agario strategies to help you survive longer and get better at the game itself, this guide is mainly based on basic tips and strategies beginners, but might even come in handy for the pro’s, if you’re looking for an all in one guide you should chack out this one.

10 Agario strategies to help you survive longer
let’s get right into it…

We will cover

  • Agario cell sizes
  • When to split and eat
  • The safest and most dangerous places in the game
  • How to make use of viruses
  • How to prevent getting trapped
  • How to stay cool


#1 – Only split when needed

Use your cell splits wisely, correct timing is the key to success in agar.io, it takes quite some time to regroup back to your complete cell ones you’ve splitted, splitted cells are easy targets compared to full mass cells, that’s why you shouldn’t split into more then 2 cells if it’s not needed.

Quick tip – Splitting is also a good way to quickly get away from big guys.


#2 – Compare your opponent’s size

Comparing the size of your opponent’s cells is very important, for a number of things like splitting, trapping and planning your opponent’s next moves, just keep in mind that you’ll need at least 10% more mass than your opponent in order to be able to eat him if you’re in one piece, and at least 25% more mass if you’re split.


#3 – Stay away from corners

agario strategies - trapping in the corner of agario
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Walls and corners are one of the most deadly places to be around the map, you can easily get squashed by bigger mass cells, without them even having to split for it, of corse you can use the walls in your advantage, but I truly recommend you to stay away from them as much as you can, walls are especially dangerous for medium and big cells.


#5 – Teams are deadly

Teams in agar.io (FFA) are in my opinion the most annoying thing in the game, especially the ones that split up into many pieces and get back together whit their friends within seconds, this is technically playing without any splitting cool down, which is an extreme advantage on their part, this is in my opinion completely unfair, and that ‘s why you should most definitely stay away from them as much as you can.


#4 – Float in open space

Open space is probably the safest place to be in agar.io, it’s not easy to find, but ones there it’s well worth it, and you should definitely make use of it whenever you can, open space is a great way to stretch time and prepare for your next epic move.


#6 – Green spikes (viruses)

eat virus in agar.io
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Viruses, or how I like to call them (green spikes) are possibly the most deadly things for massive cells, viruses can be filled with (W) blobs and fired at you by your opponent, this is called virus shooting, in this case you’ll explode and pop into a swarm of 16 cells, this will make you an easy target for anyone that’s bigger than your smallest cell, so you simply don’t want this to happen to your massive cell.

Ones you’ve reached an amount of 16 cells you’ll be able to eat viruses without exploding, this is a great way to quickly grow into a massive cell in the early in the game of agario, but you can also use this to make space for your massive cells or your teammates, this is quite funny, and it’s in my opinion a must do thing on my agario strategies bucket list.


#7 – Trapping and getting trapped

It’s fairly easy to get trapped in agar.io, whether you’re getting surrounded by massive cells, squashed against a wall, or in your best case forced to float into green spikes, you can partly prevent those things from happening by making smart moves, and analysing train around you so you can prepare yourself for what’s going to happen, this is a great tactic which will give you a great advantage over your opponents.


#8 – The bigger you are…

Agario strategies - masive cell
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The bigger you are the faster you’ll lose mass, eating agario microcells is pretty much useless above a total mass of 1000, the only way to grow at this point is by eating reasonable size cells and blobs,cells and blobs are only generated by players, so if you want to get bigger you need to play hard and aggressive against your opponents, the longer you wait the smaller you’ll become.


#9 – horizontal and vertical

A thing that most people overlook is the safety of floating horizontally, you have more vision and reaction time when moving horizontal compared to vertical, this may seem useless, but it’s actually quite useful,

for example, if I’m moving upwards and my bigger opponents are moving downwards there’s just a split second for me to react, however, if you compare this to moving from horizontally there’s a fair amount of extra time for me for to react and move away from my opponents.


#10 – Be cool don’t panic

One of the most important things is staying cool, games like agario can get pretty intense, that’s why you need to stay cool no matter what, just take a moment to think about your next moves before executing them, stay cool, don’t panic, and most importantly have fun.