agario teams leaderboard colors
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What is agario teams? Agario Teams is a color VS color gamemode that’s all about teamwork, the teams are split into 3 colors, Blue, Green, and Red, the color of your cell defines on what team you’re on, this color will randomly be given to you at the start of the game, and isn’t gonna change after your death, your main goal is to help your team and eat everyone that isn’t your color.


Agario teams mode leaderboard

The leaderboard for teams is located on the top right side of your screen, and looks like the image on your right, the leaderboard is split into 3 and shows the team that’s in the lead.

The goal of agario teams

The main objective of this gamemode is to eat everyone that isn’t your color, for example, you can “only” eat red and blue cells when you’re green, so you can’t eat the cells from your own teams color, you can only push them away and share (W) mass blobs to help them, you can therefore use your team as cover and stick together to build strength.

Don’t forget, this is a teamwork based gamemode, helping your team is the only thing that’s gonna make them lead, you should therefore help your team whenever you can, and sacrifice all your mass if that’s gonna save them, your team is most likely gonna do the same for you whenever you’re in need of help.


Agario teams mode setup

Agario teams setup
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Here’s just a quick explanation on how to play agario in teams mode.

  • Go to (Agario’s official website)
  • Select “Teams” in the gamemode drop-down box (Showen in the image)
  • Click on “play as guest to start playing.

That’s all…

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