AgarioZone namechange to IoVibes
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We have recently changed our name from to, this process took place on 20/05/2017, you can read all about it below…

Why the change?

In the upcoming months, we will be making a lot of exciting changes to the website, the name-change from AgarioZone to IoVibes is a small part of a much bigger process.

Additional improvements will include:

  • A different website layout – A new look
  • More and improved content for gamers
  • Website Expansion – More material related to various .io styled browser games like…,, etc.
  • An overall better user experience
  • And much more!

Help us improve

As you can see, a lot of changes are planned in the near future, however, we are a long way from being perfect, therefore, we would like to ask you… “If you have an idea to improve, or want us to write about a specific .io game, please contact us, we are open for suggestions!”

Also, in order to improve the user experience on, please contact us if any bugs/errors appear on the website.

Sebastiaan, Founder of /