How to win
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Whether you’re playing a game or competing for something, you always want to be the best at the things that you do, and most preferably win whenever you can right? Well, lots of people seem to be wondering whether it’s possible to win in agario, so I decided to make it clear and explain it to you guys.

Is it possible to win in it depends on what you consider as winning, you can simply climb your way on the leaderboard and dominate the lobby, but does it make you a winner? No, not really, It’s more like a performance.

Here are Some common things that people like to consider as winning in

  • Beating your own high score
  • Being the last one standing in the lobby (when it’s closing)
  • Longest time alive
  • Becoming number one on the leaderboard

Real ways to win agario

The only real way to win in agario is to play on alternative minigame websites like or to download agariomods onto your browser, as they provide unique minigames like agario hunger games that actually allow you to win the game.