This tutorial is going to show how to shoot green spikes to your opponents cells and make them pop into tiny agario cells, you can practise this and use it to outsmart the guys on the leaderboard.

What are green spikes

Green spikes (viruses) are the green spiky and nonmoving cells in agario, they are randomly generated and found throughout the map, green spikes have the powerful ability of splitting your agario cell into smaller cells whenever you’re floating over them.

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green spikes are pretty deadly for medium and massive cells, however, as a small cell you can safely hide under them without having to worry about it splitting you, it’s safe to do this as long as you’re smaller than the spikes itself, however, if you’re bigger it will explode you into a number of smaller blobs, this is shown on the image.

How to shoot green spikes in agario

You can use the green spikes in agario in your advantage by shooting it towards your opponent, you can do this by firing small (W) blobs at the green spike itself, which will then split and shoot itself towards the direction of your last (W) blob.

The amount of (W) blobs needed to split a green spike varies between an amount of 1 and 7 blobs, this depends whether it has recently spawned, and if it has previously been (W)blobbed by a different cell.

Practice makes perfect

Shooting green spikes is not easy at first, it takes time, practise, fails, and most importantly you need to be patient, waiting for the correct time to attack is the key to success in agario, Don’t let your blunders be for nothing, learn from them and make use of your blunders whenever you can.

Practise your spike shooting skills and use it in your advantage to outsmart the guys on the leaderboard.