Teams in agario FFA are in my opinion the most annoying thing in the game, lets get real, teams have the power to split as much as they want and regroup back together within seconds, this is extremely unfair for everyone on the Free For All agario servers right?

Yes I know it’s fun to team with your friends, but not if you’re annoying the rest of the server by split teaming, teams should be playing on party mode and not on agario FFA, that’s why they need to be trolled, and that’s exactly what I’m about to show you.
Here’s an agario troll video that’s going to show you how to completely destroy teams while trolling them.

You can use this troll strategy in pretty much every agario game mode, have fun and destroy teams:D

5 step team trolling success

#1 – Spectate a lobby and look for teams.
#2 – Wait till one of the teammates die.
#3 – Enter the dead teammate’s username and click on (play as guest)
#4 – Go to the place where they team and act as if you are the dead teammate.
#5 – Team up, eat your teammate and become massive.

You’re now officially a team destroyer…